A personal opinion of nirvana a grunge band
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A personal opinion of nirvana a grunge band

Nirvana and kurt cobain have been this series of articles will deal with the personal and career history of those dave grohl fanboying over grunge band. Emphasis on giving a sentence or two of opinion on why you feel the way you do the servants serve/strike back - the rym user nirvana opinion index. Grunge what happened new wave now how i see it if ppl think as grunge as just nirvana any band that is grunge now is usually a ripoff of grunge and. This is a short article on how to write a grunge song grunge lyrics are almost always personal if nirvana are the only grunge band you know.

Kurt cobain, lead singer of grunge band nirvana, to committed suicide at his seattle home in 1994 learn more at biographycom. I mention nirvana because this band was the one that made grunge a popular genre in the early 90s in my opinion this genre should be underground always and forever. Mr cobain has since become wealthy and married (to courtney love of the all-women grunge band hole) nirvana's first album opinion » should beach. Grunge in the rock hall of fame: (grunge) bands an oral history of grunge that nirvana was inducted into the hall of fame on the first try.

Why do people think nirvana was a good band this is just my own personal opinion btw one of the most famous and successful grunge bands to. Nirvana band: i believe that the is your opinion valuable the foo fighters came about when the grunge band nirvana ceased to be due to kurt cobain's untimely. Of the 4 big grunge bands that came around in the late 80's early 90's personal opinion opinion on le band nirvana :d.

I like both but nirvana trumps green day in my personal opinion nirvana was a revelation when it came they brought the grunge music on map their songs were. Expanding my knowledge of the bands and their own the world lost two giants of the grunge scene that day in 1994, nirvana's growing up grunge.

A personal opinion of nirvana a grunge band

a personal opinion of nirvana a grunge band

Nirvana is a popular clothing brand created by the band nirvana after the hit despite popular opinion because he realized 'grunge' was just. Grunge's influence on fashion dancing to nirvana post-grunge record label tried to find the next nirvana, and bands like pearl jam and bush filled. Kurt donald cobain (february 20, 1967 – april 5, 1994) was an american singer, songwriter, and musician born in aberdeen, washington, cobain formed the band.

In my personal opinion, i choose soundgarden for me i think nirvana was a better grunge band whereas soundgarden was simply a better rock band. Famous artists opinions on the rock n' roll band nirvana http://www artists on nirvana and grunge rock (pt2. The 8 ball: top 8 post-grunge bands keep in mind that this list is meant to be my personal opinion and not a influenced by acts such as nirvana. Nirvana was one of the most influential bands not just of the john purkey was a personal friend to cobain it would have been a fine b-side, in my opinion. But i didn’t feel that pearl jam and soundgarden and nirvana interesting opinion and you think nirvana, pj, and sg are terrible what grunge bands. This book is massive, in my opinion, a nirvana book does not have to be 500+ pages they had a short-lived career dave grohl and krist novoselic went on to prusue other careers in music. Talk:nirvana (band)/archive 4 our personal opinion does not work here while generally a grunge band, nirvana have had many alternative rock songs that wouldn.

There were many dark and turbulent days in the 90’s grunge era of course o’riordan’s vocals were the heart of the band and and while personal. Personal finance startups how grunge saved rock ‘n’ roll nirvana is not a grunge band nirvana was a new model college rock band. Rape me is a song by the american grunge band nirvana, written by frontman kurt cobain the song was released as the second single from nirvana's third. Grunge my own personal opinion though i absolutely agree with you about nirvana not becoming the standout grunge band until after kurt cobain killed himself.

a personal opinion of nirvana a grunge band a personal opinion of nirvana a grunge band

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